Changing Lives Beyond Words.
Literacy improves health by removing barriers to understanding care. 
                         Changing Lives Beyond Words.
Literacy removes barriers to employment.
                          Changing Lives Beyond Words.
Literacy brings families together.
Changing Lives Beyond Words.

** Save the Date!    Dec.2, 2016 **

We've all worked very hard this year and have many reasons to celebrate. We would love for you to join us at our 17th Annual Holiday Gala. The Washington Inn in Cape May will be our destination for a delightful gourmet dinner with wine pairings, and many surprises.

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Plan ahead! LVA Galas have always been celebrations worth attending for a worthy cause. Support seeding the skills of literacy in your community and have a great night out.

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-LVA-CA Videos-

Literacy Volunteers

The essential interaction: Tutors with students. It is during these sessions that LVA-CA's Mission becomes reality. Over time, with mutual respect, earnest effort and compassion, the impossible becomes possible.

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Training the Tutors

Preparing volunteer tutors to teach someone a skill we take for granted is our organization's greatest challenge. Through the dedication of our trainers and tutors our Mission bears fruit in the most remarkable ways.

Conversation Groups

These small gatherings provide students with the opportunity to practise what they have learned and expand their vocabulary the "old-fashioned way" - through conversation.

Videography by VeronaDesign ( Music by Kevin MacLeod (