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Second Post about how Posts work.

Yeah – it’s complicated. First you see the Post that can only be made by an admin. Then under “Read more…” you can Reply or add a Comment but only if you’re logged in. Then your comments only show if they are approved AND you’re logged in. Lets see what happens with 2 posts.

Welcome to LVA-CA Tutor Blog

This is our first attempt at building a blog so bear with us. First of all you will have to be registered so send an email to our main Administrator and he will set you up. Make the Subject of your email “LVA Blog signup” to get our attention. In your message give the password you want to use. Your User Name will be your first initial and last name. When the admin is finished with the registration process for you, you will receive an email from “WordPress” with the subject “[LVA-CA] Your username and password info”. You must click the first link in order to reset the default password to something you prefer. (Default passwords are very difficult to remember.)

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