LVA-CA Programs

Adult Basic Skills Literacy

LVA offers basic reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills to adults whose assessment scores up to the 6th grade reading level. Students meet in small groups and learn both life skills and the skills to help them succeed on the TABE Assessment (Test for Adult Basic Education).  Our Basic skills curriculum meets the requirements as set forth by the Department of Labor. Basic skills students are grouped by functional level.

English as a Second Language

Students ESL groups learn and practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English.  LVA’s ELS groups use English immersion and focus on life skills, survival skills, US culture, and English grammar. The goals of ESL groups are to prepare students to participate in interactions encountered on a daily basis such as shopping, transportation, medical facilities, work, and child(ren’s) education. The ESL curriculum meets the requirements as set forth by the Department of Labor. ESL students are grouped by functional levels.

ESL Conversation Groups

English conversation groups are led by a facilitator who guides students’ practice of everyday encounters, learn English idioms and expressions, practice pronunciation, and further develop vocabulary. Conversation groups are open to students at the intermediate level.

Citizenship Test Prep

Civics groups are geared toward preparing students to be full participating member of society as US citizens. Students learn US history, government, and civic rights and responsibilities and the skills necessary to pass the US Citizenship test. Civics groups and are open to intermediate level students who meet the requirements to take the US Citizenship Test.

Health Literacy

Lack of health literacy is epidemic in the USA, costing taxpayers billions of dollars each year.  Health literacy in incorporated into most ESL and Basic skills groups.

Financial Literacy

These sessions assist the student to become familiar with the meaning and usage of everyday financial transactions and instruments. Students learn practical applications to manage their finances including to make a budget, being a good consumer, choosing a bank, understanding credit and loans, and making large purchases.

Online Learning

Both Basic Skills and ESL students have the opportunity to extend their learning on-line.  Thanks to Atlantic Cape Community College, Basic Skills students have access to the Plato Learning Environment. Students may use this program at a place and time convenient for them.

The ESL program from Pearson Education may be accessed only from the LVA office.