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Looking for some free, printable resources for adult literacy, ESL and basic education learners? The site offers links to a plethora of resources, which are all categorized by topic. Go check it out at Printable Resources for Adult Basic Skills.

PARADIGM is an online writing assistant for advanced ABE or pre-GED students. Use your writing process to learn and discover.


The solutions to reading comprehension. ReadWorks is committed to solving America’s reading comprehension crisis and student achievement gap. Driven by cognitive science research, ReadWorks creates world-class content, teacher guidance, and integrated tools that improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement.

ReadWriteThink provides resources, professional development, and videos. Their mission is to provide educators, parents, and afterschool professionals with access to the highest quality practices in reading and language arts instruction by offering the very best in free materials.

On this site, students can learn English by doing interactive exercises and games in grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and sentence construction. The site also lists useful links as well as book recommendations.

ESL Lesson Plans and Activities


Dave’s ESL Cafe – Everyone’s favorite ESOL site. This is the place to find everything including lesson plans, online exercises, and opportunities for students to communicate with other students.

The Idiom Page at Dave’s ESLCafe
Has hundreds of idioms are available at the click of a mouse, brought to you by Dennis Oliver of the American Language and Culture Program at Arizona State University.

Real English® is an online video library of spontaneous dialogues of people interviewed on the streets of English-speaking countries, organized according to grammatical, lexical, and functional criteria used in the interactive exercises.

English is Soup Does your student’s language have one letter for every sound? Then maybe they are discouraged with English. Soup! will help with a clear outline of the sounds, the usual letters that represent the sound, and some of the exceptions.

The Linguistic Funland was created in 1994 as a list of various linguistics links on a personal homepage. Then a graduate student in linguistics, the author began to accumulate a list of resources that soon grew out of a single page and into this directory.

Here at the Funland, you’ll find resources for language teaching and learning, linguistics study, and other miscellaneous resources.

The Phrase Finder 1,900 English idioms, phrases and expressions, with their meanings and origins explained.
Beginner to advanced ESL grammar – Here you will find a treasure trove of ready to use grammar lesson plans for beginner to advanced ESL students.

The Internet TESL Journal For Teachers of English as a Second Language Articles, Research Papers, Lessons Plans, Classroom Handouts, Teaching Ideas & Links.

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab – This famous site provides audio dialogues for all levels on a variety of topics.


US Citizenship and Immigration Office
Lesson Plans for teaching civics and answers to your and your students’ questions on becoming a citizen, >

Naturalization, forms, test questions, resources, and more.

Naturalization curriculum for educators
The purpose of this course is to prepare students for the naturalization interview and test. It is designed for a 12-week class that meets once a week for 2 hours.  This course was originally designed in 2011 for ESOL students at the NRS high beginner level or above, but has since been adapted for low beginners.  Each lesson plan now includes suggestions for beginners.


Integrating Health Literacy into Adult Education
Health Literacy in Adult Basic Education: Designing Lessons, Units, and Evaluation Plans for an Integrated Curriculum: This guide is designed for educators who are interested in integrating health literacy skills into their current adult education instruction.  It was developed as part of the Study Circles series and provides tools for the development of health literacy units, lessons and evaluation plans.

Culture, Health and Literacy
This guide contains descriptions of health education materials addressing issues of culture and low-literacy, and includes references to curricula written in languages other than English. The guide is divided into the following sections: Background information; fact books, readers and stories; bibliographies and resource guides; curricula and workbooks; videos and audiocassettes; and web sites.

Queens Library
A Health Literacy Curriculum for ESOL Learners (Beginning Level)
This is the curriculum of the Queens Library Adult Learner Program and is a Guide to Health Education Materials for Adults with Limited English Literacy Skills.

Games and Activities

ESL Games for Adult Learners
ESL games and activities for adult English learners as well as all the necessary printables.


5 of My Favorite English Games for ESL Students
Sure fire ways to make your lessons more fun from Owlcation.

Free Online Literacy Resources for Students to practice outside of the classroom

Duolingo is the world’s most popular way to learn a language. It’s 100% free, fun and science-based.

Mango Languages is a deliciously simple language and culture learning in over 70 languages. Library Card Required.

The Everyday Life Project. Life is filled with chaos, and we have to learn how to work and solve problems in the midst of it every day. These interactive lessons give you the opportunity to experience these daily challenges without real-world consequences.


English Page offers
Free online English lessons & ESL / EFL resources.