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Many Americans feel the same entrepreneurial fervor as this LVA student. It is now being expressed in writing as an exercise for his tutor.

I didn’t understand much English when our family got to America. I haven’t used English over twenty years after school. The pronunciation is different than I learned from China.

I remember a shameful thing when I wanted two bags at the grocery store. I felt nervous and spoke in mother language, Chinese, to the clerk. She smiled – me too. But I knew the two smiles were different. I was embarrassed. She was sorry for me.

Adult Literacy introduced my wife and me to our teacher, Elizabeth. She is a friendly, patient, calm teacher. she speaks slowly and clearly and it is most important for new students like us. After months of learning, I have more confidence than before and my learning English is better also. I know that this is a great advantage for me. I have courage and self-confidence to meet everyone now and have more interest in learning English now. I would like to be an American citizen. so I need better English to communicate with my neighbors and to know American culture and living style. I live in America and I need to continue English learning also.

Ning Bao

whats-new-US-citizens-230New Citizens
Congratulations to the husband and wife team, Yong Fu Li and Xiao Lu! Yong Fu became a citizen in January followed by Xiao in May.

Their tutor, Chet Wiech, believes that working with this couple has been a terrific experience, they both worked very hard. “They could tell you more about the USA than most native citizens.”

Yong Fu and Xiao consider Chet “very nice and a good teacher.” What they like best about living in the USA is the freedom of speech and worship and the quality of health care. The couple look forward to their upcoming family visit in China coupled with traveling with US passports.

Preparing for the Citizenship exam was not easy for Yong Fu and Xiao. Both have full time jobs, three children, and live in an extended family household. After working and taking care of her family, Xiao studied five hours each night leading up to passing the test. Yong Fu is thankful for the chance to study English, it took hard work!

My teacher [Elizabeth Bublewitz] is very nice so I don’t get nervous. I can hear sentences more clearly because my teacher knows how to make me understand. She has experience. I want to learn more. Now, I have confidence to shop and to go to restaurants. I can talk in English with my son although I don’t speak English fluently, but my son said, “I’m proud of you. You learn English every day”.

I just want to say thank you to my teacher for helping us, and thanks to Adult Literacy who gave me an opportunity to learn English. I hope to continue to learn correct English so that I can become a good citizen of the United States.

Vera Yuying Zuo

This letter from an LVA learner to her Volunteer Tutor says it all. The inspirational value of messages such as this one cannot be over estimated. We love to hear about them. As your student reaches milestones, acknowledge their hard work (and yours) by dropping a quick note to the office. Your successes will be our guide. We will only publish your name with your permission so don’t be shy. Help us encourage others with personal stories that show how literacy goals are achievable. Go ahead. Inspire us all!