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Tutor Round Tables.

Need advice? Have experiences to share? Join us at one or both of our upcoming Tutor Round Tables.
Where: Literacy Volunteers Office 743 N. Main Street, Pleasantville
When: Tuesday, February 28, 2017 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Or: Monday March 13, 2017 from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Refreshments will be served.
RSVP: 609-383-3377 or Literacyvolunteers@comcast.net

Newsletter October 2016


LVA Happenings!

We enjoyed good company, excellent collaboration, and tasty munchies at the Tutor Round Tables!

One of the topics discussed at the Round Table was helping students with dyslexia. If you believe that you have a dyslexic student, or would like to learn more about helping students with dyslexia, click on: Eight Tips on Helping Students with Dyslexia.

In addition to the accommodations highlighted in the e-book, there are instructional techniques and compensation strategies that can be used by those with dyslexia to improve their reading and processing skills.

Research has proven that students with dyslexia can learn to read with a specific type of reading instruction:

• Explicit and systematic
• Phonics based
• Multisensory
• Individualized
• Consistent and frequent
• Emotionally reinforcing

You are invited to contribute to LVA programming

Our programming committee would love to have your input in extending our programing efforts in the areas of tutor recruitment and training, mentoring, professional development, tutor round table, etc. If your are interested in joining our programming team, please call us at 609-383-3377 or email.

Sharing and Learning from each other

LVA recently received a wonderful e-mail from Mrs. Vickers’ class

Ms. Vickers’ students have been discussing and researching the importance of grammar and how simple grammar rules can affect your entire piece of writing. The students send their thanks for the great information about grammar tips and tricks that they found on this link on our LVA website. The students said, “We got a lot of into on many other ways to perfect their writing via your page as well!”

Ms. Vickers’class continued with their research and found an additional article that they would like to share with us: The Student Guide to Grammar and Punctuation. The kids said that this article not only clearly explained to them the importance of following the rules of grammar, the real impact it can have on your writing, as well as providing them with other resources to educate themselves!

Thank you Mrs. Vickers and class for sharing their research to “Improve Literacy Beyond Words.” We added their link to our own Literacy Links page. They deserve the extra-credit!


New Jersey
Association for Lifelong Learning
Free Webinars Have Returned
for Fall 2016

• Building Creative Lessons around Transportation
• Bringing Classroom Content to Your Students’ Mobile Devices
• Adult English Language Learners and Digital Literacy: Resources and Strategies for Making Instruction Accessible
• Why Your Expertise as an Adult Education Teacher Really Does Matter in Today’s Health Care System
Send an EMAIL to the office to find out how to register and bring these exciting concepts to your tutoring sessions!

Atlantic Cape Community College.

On-line Student Learning Opportunities

Your ESL or Basic Skills students now have the opportunity for additional instruction on-line thanks to Atlantic Cape Community College (ACCC).  We will meet with your students in a group or individually to show them the programs. Tutors are encouraged to learn to use the programs also to help your students (Not a requirement). Call or e-mail LVA to give this additional learning opportunity to your students.
More instructional hours results in increased student progress!


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