Welcome to LVA-CA Tutor Blog

This is our first attempt at building a blog so bear with us. First of all you will have to be registered so send an email to our main Administrator and he will set you up. Make the Subject of your email “LVA Blog signup” to get our attention. In your message give the password you want to use. Your User Name will be your first initial and last name. When the admin is finished with the registration process for you, you will receive an email from “WordPress” with the subject “[LVA-CA] Your username and password info”. You must click the first link in order to reset the default password to something you prefer. (Default passwords are very difficult to remember.)

5 comments on “Welcome to LVA-CA Tutor Blog
  1. Test Thetester says:

    I just was registered by an Admin, then I got an email directing me to click on a clink to create a new PW. Then there are other steps.

  2. Test Thetester says:

    This is my second comment. My first one was approved but it didn’t show up until I logged in. That doesn’t seem right. Comments should show when you click Read More… at least. Definitely the comments should show before you log in.

  3. Test Thetester says:

    OK – I stand corrected. Before I logged in I could see all the previous comments/replies on this Post. I wish I could see a list of the posts in the right column instead of just “March2017′

  4. Third Tester says:

    So – to avoid having the new Subscriber have access to the minimal Dashboard:
    Assign them a PW
    Don’t check “Send the new user an email about their account”
    and then under Users/All Users click on “edit” under their name and UNCHECK “Show Toolbar when viewing site”.

  5. Third Tester says:

    So – if the admin sets my PW for me, and doesn’t check to send me an email about my account…I will have the PW that the admin gave me. When I use that U & PW to log in I will see the site only…not a Dashboard or Tool Bar with my name on it. Right???